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Ring Pen Ultra

The Ring Pen Ultra by ErgoVerse is a writing aid that slides on the index finger and with the thumb and middle finger acts as a stabilizing guide.

Ring Pen Ultra
by ErgoVerse
Model # - RPU-S (small, yellow)
Model # - RPU-M (medium, blue)
Model # - RPU-L (large, black)

The Ring Pen Ultra from ErgoVerse is designed for those suffering from conditions such as arthritis which make it difficult to maintain a grip on a pen or pencil. The Ring Pen Ultra can accommodate almost any pen, pencil, or even paint brush.

The Ring Pen Ultra can also serve as an eating utensil holder for those who have difficulty holding or manipulating a fork or spoon. Utensils can be easily inserted into the slot, creating "gripless" control.

The Ring Pen Ultra is available in 3 sizes: Small, Medium, and Large. The small will accommodate children and those with very small hands, the Medium will accommodate most women with average sized hands, and the Large should work for most men.
Ring Pen Ultra

Specifications: Model: Price:
Small, yellow RPU-S $15.00
Medium, blue RPU-M $15.00
Large, black RPU-L $15.00

Ring Pen Ultra Images

Ring Pen Ultra

Ring Pen Ultra

Ring Pen Ultra

Ring Pen Ultra

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