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Tablet Accessories: Tablet BeanBag Table

The Tablet Beanbag Table from Carliss Industries is an economical platform that sits on the lap of the user for hands-free viewing of a tablet screen.

Tablet BeanBag Table
by Carliss Industries

The Tablet Beanbag Table from Carliss Industries has a fold-out shelf is angle adjustable with no-slip strips to securely hold any tablet in place, whether in landscape or portrait orientation. There is room beneath the shelf for storing a tablet (dimensions 9.7" x 7.7"), including a safety strap to prevent damage during transport. The backside (underside) has a soft pillowy support for comfortably resting on the legs and the table has a built-in handle for easy transport. The table also comes with a stylus pen and cleaning cloth.
Tablet BeanBag Table

Specifications Model Price
14.8" x 10.4" x 2.6" (closed) IBBT-CLASSIC $50.00

Carliss Industries Tablet BeanBag Table Images

Tablet BeanBag Table

Tablet BeanBag Table

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