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Switches: BiliPro Page Turner

The BiliPro Page Turner by BiliPro is an electronic page turner.

BiliPro Page Turner
by BiliPro Inc.
Model # - FT06-01

The BiliPro Page Turner from BiliPro Inc. is the ideal solution for those who need to turn 'electronic' pages on their computer without using their hands. It is frequently used by performing musicians - allowing them to turn pages without reaching for the music or relying on an assistant. It has two pedal buttons that move your pages forward or back by generating the Page Up and Page Down keystroke commands on your keyboard. LED lights illuminate the pedals for easy locating in the dark. The base is made of solid metal and has rubber stoppers underneath to prevent sliding on the floor.

Music Score Software which is known to work well with the FooTime Page Turner includes the following: Mac and PC: Scorewriter by Geniesoft, Overture by Geniesoft, Encore by GVox, Finale by MakeMusic, Sibelius by Avid, and MusicReader by Leone. iPad Apps: ForScore, GigBook, OnSong, MusicReader, and UnRealBook.

The FT06-01 will work with Macs, PCs and iPads (Note: Connection to an iPad requires a Camera Connection Kit for the iPad).

Note: The Page Turner is not programmable. The switches will only generate PgUp and PgDn.
BiliPro Page Turner

Specifications Model Price In Stock?
8.0" W x 4.0" D x 1.75" H FT06-01 $62.50 (was $67.50) Yes

BiliPro Page Turner Images

BiliPro Page Turner Images

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