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Sit-Stand Solutions: Focal Foot Bar

The Focal Foot Bar by Focal Upright Furniture is a bar on which to rest your foot while standing.

Focal Foot Bar
by Focal Upright Furniture
Model # - FFR-1000

The Focal Foot Bar by Focal Upright allows the user to can raise one foot and rest it on the bar. This simple movement eases pressure on the sole of the foot, and encourages blood to circulate more easily through the tissues of the lower leg. The Foot Bar can also provide relief for the lower back. The low 3.5" height of the bar lets the user easily switch from one foot to the other.

The Focal Upright Foot Bar is also beneficial for those who work at sit-stand workstations, and who perch or lean on a seat, (such as the Mobis Seat by Focal Upright) allowing these users to brace their feet against the bar. The Foot Bar provides over 20" of rail width supported on both ends by sturdy non-marking rubber supports. Effective grippers keep the bar in place on both hard and soft surfaces.

Focal Foot Bar

Specifications: Model: Price: In Stock?
Black Sides with Silver Bar, 26" Long x 14" Deep x 3.5" High FFR-1000 $80.00 No

Focal Foot Bar Images

Focal Foot Bar

Focal Foot Bar

Focal Foot Bar

Focal Foot Bar

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