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Seating Solutions: Jumper Balance

Jumper Balance
by Score

The Jumper Balance with Lumbar Support from Score is a seating solution for users concerned about ergonomics and wanting to move away from static seating. The Jumper Balance combines the posture-correcting benefits of a saddle seat with the "Balance" mechanism that permits the seat to continuously shift and adjust in response to user movement throughout the day. The addition of a firm lumbar support increases the comfort, providing consistent support regardless of the position adopted

The Balance mechanism is located directly below the seat, enabling the seat to move and shift with any body movement. In order to accommodate the diverse requirements of users the degree of resistance on the movement is easily adjusted with a few turns of the ring located just below the seat. This ring also doubles as a height adjustment release meaning that there is no need to reach and find a lever in only one location when height adjustment is required, as the ring is accessible at any position.

The broad saddle of the Jumper Balance is suited to those of larger build or wide hips. Those with smaller build may be interested in the Amazone Balance. The pommel has a noticeable rise which some users might find uncomfortable. The posture created by the Jumper Balance means that most users will find roughly half of their weight supported by the chair with the balance shared between the feet. The Lumbar Support is adjustable in depth and follows the movement of the saddle, providing support at all times and positions.

Currently the Jumper Balance with Lumbar Support is available with premium 2-tone Teal/Anthracite Stamskin® artificial leather for extreme durability and comfort.
Score Jumper Balance

Specifications: Model: Price: In Stock?
Score Jumper Balance with Lumbar Support Saddle Chair, Bicolor (Teal with Anthracite Border) JUMPER-BAL-TL-ANTH-STD 850.00 No

Jumper Balance Images

Jumper Balance

Jumper Balance

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