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Seating Solutions: Back App Ergonomic Chair

Back App Ergonomic Chair
by Back App
Model # - 3096-GR (red)
Model # - 6503-GR (blue)
Model # - 9400-GR (black)

The Back App Ergonomic Chair from Back App was created to gently exercise the core muscles from a seated position. The unique design, featuring Back App's "Magic Ball," puts the chair into a state of slight but constant (and tip-proof) imbalance. With the ball at its centre, the Back App Chair shifts every time the user moves, causing the user to engage the core muscles constantly and almost imperceptibly to reorient and to maintain balance. The degree to which the seat shifts can be adjusted using the Magic Ball. The ball can also be fully retracted to create a rigid base if desired. A rubber bumper pad underneath the aluminum base cushions the movement of the base from side to side, and also serves to protect flooring.

The seat is styled as a saddle, and is heavily cushioned. The seat features a wrap-around bolster to encourage the forward tilt of the pelvis that brings the spine into proper alignment. An optional wheeled base is available for those who prefer to move around the work space. (The range of movement is not affected when the seat is on the mobile base.)

The seat's Alcantara artificial suede covering provides a secure seating surface and is breathable for comfort.

Note: The Back App Ergonomic Chair elevates the user to a higher position than traditional office seating does. As a result, the Back App Chair will be most successfully deployed at an elevated desk or at an adjustable height workstation.
Back App Ergonomic Chair

Specifications: Model: Price:
Red Alcantara Fabric 3096-GR $865.00
Blue Alcantara Fabric 6503-GR $865.00
Red Alcantara Fabric 9400-GR $865.00
Back App Accessory Wheel Set and Base WHE $252.50

Back App Ergonomic Chair Images

Back App Ergonomic Chair - Adjustable Magic Ball

Back App Ergonomic Chair

Back App Ergonomic Chair Positioned on Optional Wheeled Base

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