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Product Evaluation Service

The Product Evalulation Service is available on a fee-for-service basis. The fee for this service is $100/hour (see the Fees section for more details).

Note: These services are currently available only in the greater Vancouver area.

What is the Product Evaluation Service?

  • An opportunity to use a variety of ergonomic keyboards and mice to determine which is best-suited to your needs.
  • The session usually lasts one hour.
  • The session includes ergonomic advice and suggestions regarding the products being evaluated.
  • The evaluation is usually done at your place of work.

What is not included in the Product Evaluation Service?

  • A written report.
  • Installation services.
  • Products are not left after the assessment. Prolonged trials are not currently available.
  • The following types of products are not part of the product evaluation:
    • Desks
    • Monitor Arms
    • Keyboard Arms
    • Sit/Stand Products
    • Footrests

Note: Depending on your location and which products you wish to evaluate it might be possible to evaluate some of the following products:

  • Document holders
  • Chairs
  • Laptop products
  • Arm support products


  • Product Evaluation Service: $100/hour
  • Payment: Fees are payable by credit card (Visa or MasterCard) at the time of booking or by cash prior to the start of the evaluation. No personal cheques.
  • Rebate: If you purchase greater than $100 of products from Ergo Vancouver (not including taxes, environmental fees, and shipping) within one week of the product evaluation then you will receive a $50 rebate on those purchases.

Other notes regarding fees:

  • Travel time and incidental travel expenses (parking, tolls, etc.) will be added.
  • Plan your product evaluation. Identify the products you would like to try prior to the session. Ergo Vancouver will endeavor to bring those products or will advise if there is a problem.

What products are usually brought to a Product Evaluation?

The following list includes products that are typically, but not always, included in a product evaluation. They are all designed for PC operating systems.