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Vertical Mice:Unimouse

The Unimouse from Contour Design incorporates a 35 - 70 friction-based tilt mechanism to allow the user to adjust the angle of the mouse. It has a fully articulating thumb support which is designed to adapt the mouse to fit the dimensions of most hands.

by Contour Design
Model # - UNIMOUSE

The friction-based locking system also permits the user to incrementally adjust the angle throughout the day, from 35 - 70. Utilizing the pivot, slide and pull-out options on the thumb support lets users adapt the mouse for hand length and width, fine-tuning the dimensions to fit their exact needs. The user can effortlessly make minor adjustments while seeking an optimum position, as none of the adjustments on the Unimouse are actually "locked in".

The Unimouse has a 10 level sensor that reads from 800 - 2800 DPI. Sensitivity adjustment is via a single button located on the top of the base, just behind the 2-colour indicators. The three light-activation buttons have a 20 million click rating and feature crisp activation with an audible click. These provide access to Left, Middle and Right Clicks. An on-board shortcut gives the user the option of switching the Middle Click button to perform a Double Click with Auto Scroll/Scroll Lock remaining accessible via the scroll wheel click. The scroll wheel is equipped with a rubber tire for grip and has distinct but soft detents.

There are six programmable buttons which can be reassigned to perform any standard mouse action as well as a host of speciality actions.

Dimensions: 3.125 - 3.5"W x 4.7"D x 2.5 - 3.5"H

Specifications: Model: Price: In Stock?
Wired, right hand UNIMOUSE $107.50 No
Wired, left hand UNIMOUSE-L $107.50 No
Wireless, right hand UNIMOUSE-WL $107.50 No
Wireless, left hand UNIMOUSE-WL-L $107.50 No





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