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Vertical Mice: Rockstick2 Mouse

The Rockstick2 Mouse can be operated with either the right or left hand. Instead of using the fingers to click a button, the user rocks the body of the mouse (tilting it slightly to the left for a left click, and to the right for a right click).

The base of the mouse has a flange (removeable on the medium size) to keep the 5th finger from dragging on the work surface.

Mouse pad alternative: Due to the different orientation of your hand, a vertical mouse can be a little awkward at first. Using a Wow!Pad Microthin Mousing Surface can really help in the adjustment to vertical mousing.

Rockstick2 Mouse
by Microtouch
Model # - RS200CL (large/wired)
Model # - RS200CM (medium/wired)
Model # - RS200WL (large/wireless)
Model # - RS200WM (medium/wireless)

The Rockstick Mouse has a scroll wheel on the inside of the mouse where it can be operated by the thumb. The Rockstick2 Mouse comes in two sizes, medium and large, with wired and wireless versions.
Rockstick2 Mouse

To determine size of mouse for best fit, measure the palm as per the diagram.
  • Medium: 2.75-3.75 inch (7.0-9.5cm)
  • Large: 3.75-4.75 inch (9.5-12.0cm)
Rockstick2 Mouse

Specifications: Model: Price: In Stock?
Medium/wired RS200CM $70.00 Yes

Rockstick2 Mouse Images

Rockstick2 Mouse

Rockstick2 Mouse

Rockstick2 Mouse

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