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Vertical Mice: R-GO HE Ergonomic Mouse

R-GO HE Ergonomic Mouse is a four button vertical mouse (left, right, forward and back functions). The product line includes right and left handed models and medium and large sizes - see table below for available models. There is also a model called the Break which includes customizable "break reminder" software and a coloured visual reminder.

R-GO HE Ergonomic Mouse
by R-Go Tools
Model # - RGOHE (wired, right-handed, medium)
Model # - RGOHELE (wired, left-handed, medium)
Model # - RGOHELA (wired, right-handed, large)

Model # - RGOHEWL (wireless, right-handed, medium)
Model # - RGOHEWLL (wireless, left-handed, medium)

Model # - RGOBRHESMR (wired, right-handed, medium)
Model # - RGOBRHEMLR (wired, right-handed, large)

  • medium: 3.3" W x 4.2" D x 2.95" H
  • large: 3.7" W x 4.3" D x 3.1" H

Optical Reolution:
  • medium: 800/1200/1600 DPI
  • large: 500/1000/1800/2500 DPI
R-GO HE Ergonomic Mouse

Specifications: Model: Price: In Stock?
Wired, right-handed, medium RGOHE $82.50 Yes
Wired, left-handed, medium RGOHELE $82.50 No
Wired, right-handed, large RGOHELA $100.00 Yes
Wireless, right-handed, large RGOHELAWL $132.50 No
Wireless, right-handed, medium RGOHEWL $115.00 No
Wireless, left-handed, medium RGOHEWLL $115.00 No
Wired, right-handed, medium, anti-RSI software RGOBRHESMR $132.50 No
Wired, right-handed, large, anti-RSI software RGOBRHEMLR $132.50 No
Bluetooth, right-handed, medium RGOHEREDR $115.00 No
Bluetooth, left-handed, medium RGOHEREDL $115.00 No

R-GO HE Ergonomic Mouse Images

R-GO HE Ergonomic Mouse

R-GO HE Ergonomic Mouse

Break Model

R-GO Breal HE Ergonomic Mouse

Green: go/good

R-GO Breal HE Ergonomic Mouse

Yellow: Break reminder

R-GO Breal HE Ergonomic Mouse

Red: Break was skipped or daily usage limit exceeded

Bluetooth Model

Bluetooth Model

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