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Vertical Mice: OrthoMouse

The OrthoMouse from Orthovia is a "semi-spherical" device which fully supports the hand. The OrthoMouse's sensor is near the 'top' or tip of the mouse, directly below your fingertips, making the act of targeting and positioning the cursor a direct extension of your fingers (much like writing). This mouse is suited for anyone who is seeking a sense of precision and high tactile feedback including graphics designers and gamers

In order to accommodate the various hand sizes, the OrthoMouse comes with several slide-on attachments at the base and top of the mouse. You choose and insert the adapter that best fits your hand and feels most comfortable among the six possible shape configurations.

Mouse pad alternative: Due to the different orientation of your hand, a vertical mouse can be a little awkward at first. Using a Wow!Pad Microthin Mousing Surface can really help in the adjustment to vertical mousing.

by Orthovia
Model # - OM-BLK (right, black)
Model # - OM101 (cordless, right, black)
Model # - OM-0999 (right, black)

The OrthoMouse has 5 buttons: one each for the index and middle finger (left and right click) and three under the thumb that provide scrolling functions.

The body of the OrthoMouse has been specially textured to provide micro- channels for air flow/decreased perspiration.

Specifications: Model: Price: In Stock?
Cordless, black OM101 $192.50 No
Corded, black, 1000 DPI OM-0999 $157.50 No
3.23" W x 2.56" H; Depth: 4.45" short extender; 4.76" medium extender; 5.35" long extender

OrthoMouse Images

Click here for the OrthoMouse manual.
OrthoMouse Hand Position Front View

OrthoMouse Hand Position Side View

OrthoMouse Attachments

OrthoMouse Attachments

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