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Goldtouch Semi-Vertical Mouse

Goldtouch Semi-Vertical Mouse
by Evoluent
Model # - KOV-GSV-RM (wired)
Model # - KOV-GSV-RMW (wireless)

The Goldtouch Semi-Vertical Mouse from Key Ovation rotates the hand outward to a 66 tilt. This reduces wrist pronation and wrist extension.

The body of the Goldtouch Semi-Vertical Mouse provides a comfortable supportive structure for the right hand, encouraging users to let their fingers curl and rest naturally over the buttons. The mouse comes with an optional Ergo-Grip flange that attaches magnetically to the mouse to provide support for the entire hand. With the Ergo-Grip flange in place users are encouraged to mouse using their entire arm, rather than trying to micro-move the mouse with the fingers.

The Semi-Vertical Mouse supports hands up to 7.5" in length, and with the Ergo-Grip flange attached, will support even longer hands up to 8". Note: Users with smaller hands may find that the Goldtouch Semi-Vertical Mouse is a bit large may wish to consider another solution.

The Goldtouch Semi-Vertical Mouse is available in both Wired and Wireless models, both of which provide users with easily-adjusted multiple DPI settings for fine-tuning cursor sensitivity. To further customize performance users have access to 4 removable 5 gram weights. Standard Left, Right, and Middle click (on scroll wheel) functions are available as well as Page Forward and Page Back thumb buttons. The rubberized textured scroll wheel features detents for clear tactile feedback.

Goldtouch Semi-Vertical Mouse

Specifications: Model: Price: In Stock?
Right, Corded, Silver/Grey KOV-GSV-RM $125.00 Yes
Right, Wireless, Silver/Grey KOV-GSV-RMW $142.50 Yes

Goldtouch Semi-Vertical Mouse Images

Goldtouch Semi-Vertical Mouse

Goldtouch Semi-Vertical Mouse

Goldtouch Semi-Vertical Mouse

Goldtouch Semi-Vertical Mouse

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