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Vertical Mice: CST3645 Vertical Mouse

The CST3645 Vertical Mouse allows the hand to adopt a nearly vertical (approximately 60) hand position while mousing. The CST3645 Vertical Mouse has raised 'ridges' where the hand and thumb make contact with the mouse to prevent pockets of heat from forming when using the mouse for extended periods of time.

Mouse pad alternative: Due to the different orientation of your hand, a vertical mouse can be a little awkward at first. Using a Wow!Pad Microthin Mousing Surface can really help in the adjustment to vertical mousing.

CST3645 Vertical Mouse
by Clearly Superior Technologies
Model # - CST3645

The thin contoured left and right click buttons are on the right side of the CST3645 Vertical Mouse (with a clickable vertical scroll wheel nested between), and two thumb buttons perform Back and Forward actions. There is a DPI toggle on top of the mouse to adjust between 600, 1000 and 1600 DPI. A removable palm support 'surround' at the rear of the CST3645 Vertical Mouse prevents the edge of the hand from dragging on the surface when moving the mouse, encouraging mouse movements to be made with the entire arm. The Superior-X driver is available to allow reprogramming of all the buttons.
CST3645 Vertical Mouse

Specifications: Model: Price: In Stock?
3.9"W x 3.98"D (with palm support 5.28") x 3.46"H CST3645 $45.00 Demo Unit

CST3645 Vertical Mouse

CST3645 Vertical Mouse

CST3645 Vertical Mouse

CST3645 Vertical Mouse

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