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Trackball Mice: MicroTrac

The MicroTrac can be operated handheld or on the desktop like a regular trackball (it has rubberized feet) and can be used with either right and left hands. This is a three button trackball that requires no special drivers or software. The middle button acts as Drag-Lock and Scroll-Lock combination.

by Clearly Superior Technologies
Model # - CST650

The MicroTrac has 0.74" diameter trackball. The Drag Lock feature (middle button) eliminates the need to hold down a button to select items. When pressed the Drag Lock button stays 'locked' until it is pressed a second time.

Specifications: Model: Price: In Stock?
2.0" W x 2.75" D x 1.2"H CST650 $105.00 Yes

Microtrac Images

Microtrac Mouse with Goldtouch Travel Keyboard

Microtrac mouse with Goldtouch Travel Keyboard. This is an excellent portable ergonomic setup.

Microtrac Mouse with an A4 Tech XSlim Keyboard

Microtrac mouse with an A4 Tech XSlim Keyboard. This setup is good for situations where the operator is limited in desk space or has a problem that limits them to one-handed typing.

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