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Trackball Mice: L-Trac Switch Adapted

The Clearly Superior Technologies Switch Adapted L-Trac is the same high performance laser optical trackball with a large ball (2.25" diameter) as the L-Trac. The switch adapted models is a true three button trackball with three jacks for alternate devices corresponding to right click, middle click, and left click. Note: the corresponding mouse button will be disabled once the switch adapted device is inserted into the jack. These models have a scroll wheel.

by Clearly Superior Technologies
Model # - CST2345SAW (white case and yellow trackball)
Model # - CST2545SAW (black case and black trackball)

The switch adapted model of the L-Trac is a three button device that has three 3.5 mm external switch jacks positioned on the side of the trackball. You can plug in any standard switch to generate the 3 different button actions corresponding to the regular buttons (left click, middle click, right click).

Model # Description Price In Stock?
CST2545SAW L-Trac High Performance Laser Optical Trackball, USB. Black case, black cable, black ball, with scroll wheel. Three disabling jacks for button lockout. CST2545SAW $235.00 No

L-Trac Switch Adapted Trackball Mouse Images

L-Trac Switch Adapted Trackball Mouse
L-Trac Switch Adapted Trackball Mouse

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