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Trackball Mice Information Page

A trackball is a stationary mouse, which refers to the fact that the mouse pointer is moved by manipulating the ball, not by moving the mouse on the desk surface. Consequently, a stationary mouse does not need to be held in order to move the pointer. The static grip is eliminated, reducing wrist stress.

There are many designs of trackballs, some with a centrally located ball and others that oblige the operator to use one digit – usually the thumb. I recommend trackballs with a centrally located ball as this allows the ball to be manipulated by any finger, part of the hand, or, in some cases, the feet. Trackballs that force the operator to use just the thumb can contribute to discomfort of the thumb joints.

A centrally located ball allows the trackball to be operated in an ambidextrous manner, using either the left or right hand to move the ball and click the buttons. Kinesis Freestyle with LTrac Trackball

While many trackballs are designed to be moved with the wrist pronated, the reality is that a trackball with a centrally located ball can be used with the wrist in any position.

Moving the ball with one or more fingers. Trackball Moving with Finger
Moving the ball with a the palm of the hand (fingers are not used to move the ball). Trackball Moving with Palm
Moving the ball with the wrist held in the anatomically neutral “handshake” position, with the ball being moved by the little finger side of your palm (the hypothenar side). Trackball Moving with Palm

The trackball allows the operator to separate mouse moving and clicking functions. After moving the pointer to the desired screen location the operator can let go of the ball and then click the appropriate mouse button.

Clicking can be accomplished without having to hold the mouse or the ball, and can be done with any finger. Trackball Clicking

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