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Touchpad Mice: Easy Cat AG

The Easy Cat AG by Cirque is a compact durable touchpad.

Easy Cat USB Touchpad
by Cirque
Model # - GP160U-0321 (black)

The Easy Cat AG by Cirque is a small footprint touchpad. Mouse movement is controlled by gliding your fingertip over the surface and clicking by gently tapping on the pad or the buttons (left click, right click and double click). Note that the vertical scroll is plug and play on PCs but requires third party software for Mac systems.
Easy Cat USB Touchpad

Specifications: Model: Price: In Stock?
3.4" W x 2.7" D x 0.5" H GP160U-0321 (black) $42.50 Yes

Easy Cat AG Touchpad Mouse Images

Easy Cat Touchpad

Easy Cat Touchpad

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