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Touchpad Mice

Touchpads are stationary mice in that they do not have to be held while being operated. This eliminates the static grip required in a standard mouse. It also means that the touchpad can be positioned anywhere that is comfortable. The mouse pointer is moved by moving a finger over the touchpad surface. Touchpads are "ambidextrous" in that they can easily be used by either the left or right hand.

Touchpad models differ primarily in the size of the touchpad and the number of buttons. In general, touchpads can greatly reduce mouse thumb pain and any mouse finger or hand pain related to gripping the mouse. In addition, because the buttons can be manipulated without holding the mouse you can click buttons with any finger you choose - thus greatly reducing symptoms of mouse finger pain while clicking (mouse finger).

To view a comparison table of the three Cirque Touchpad models, click here.

Smart Cat
by Cirque

Click here for the Smart Cat AG Touchpad.

Smart Cat Touchpad

Smart Cat Pro
by Cirque

Click here for the Smart Cat Pro AG Touchpad.

Smart Cat Pro Touchpad

Easy Cat
by Cirque

Click here for the Easy Cat AG Touchpad.

Easy Cat USB Touchpad

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