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How do I decide which mouse to use?

Deciding which alternative mouse to use can be a difficult task. With all the different alternatives, such as vertical, contoured, etc. the task can seem impossible, especially if you do not have the opportunity to try them.

This page is deisgned to provide suggestions that would allow you to jury-rig a setup to mimic an alternative mouse. While these suggestions are not recommended for long-term use, they at least give the ability to try a different setup and determine if it works for you.

We will start with the countoured mice, and add other suggestions as time allows.

Contoured Mouse

Many contoured mice are built at an "angle" so that mouse manipulation does not have to be done in full wrist pronation (palm down). As such, these mice occupy a niche between the standard mouse and the vertical mouse (where the hand is held in the handshake position). Some people find it difficult to adjust to the vertical handshake position, so contoured mice offer an alternative. They operate similar to a standard mouse, in that cursor movement is accomplished by moving the mouse on the desk surface.

adjustable keyboard

A 3-ring binder (without a lot of paper in it) is a great way to mimic a countoured mouse. Place the binder beside the keyboard (ring or thicker side next to the keyboard). Place your mousepad on the binder.

Your mouse is now tilted like a contoured mouse. On the downside you experience resistance as you move the mouse towards the keyboard - you are travelling uphill.

adjustable keyboard

Avoid placing the mouse so that your forearm and wrist rub on the binder, as this my cause skin irritation.