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Contoured Mice: Contour Mouse Optical

The Contour Mouse Optical (CMO) is an orthopedically supportive mouse which comes in several sizes for both the left and right hands, largely eliminating the grip force which is prevalent on most conventional mice. This design features a 'hump' on the middle of the mouse which aligns with the hollow of the hand, supporting and aligning the hand in a similar manner to arch supports in a shoe. This also provides a clear indication of where to position the hand for maximum support, allowing gravity to do much of the work in controlling the mouse. The buttons are extra long and peak at the base of the button, allowing the user to generate clicks from the knuckle closest to the hand instead of the tip of the finger. The axis of the vertical scroll wheel is rotated 90, eliminating the awkward traditional 'clawing' movement required to spin the wheel.

New Model Contour Mouse Optical
by Contour Design
Model # - CMO Series (5 buttons with Scroll Wheel)

This is the most recent version of the Contour Mouse Optical. The coating is slick and coloured gun metal silver.

Contour Mouse Optical Gun Metal Silver

Click here to view Hand-size Chart.

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Specifications: wired models Model: Price: In Stock?
Small right-handed CMO-GM-S-R $100.00 Yes
Medium right-handed CMO-GM-M-R $100.00 No
Large right-handed CMO-GM-L-R $100.00 Yes
Extra-large right-handed CMO-GM-XL-R $100.00 No
Medium left-handed CMO-GM-M-L $100.00 Yes
Large left-handed CMO-GM-L-L $100.00 Yes

Specifications: wireless models Model: Price: In Stock?
Small right-handed CMO-GM-S-R-WL $122.50 No
Medium right-handed CMO-GM-M-R-WL $122.50 No
Large right-handed CMO-GM-L-R-WL $122.50 No
Medium left-handed CMO-GM-M-L-WL $122.50 No
Large left-handed CMO-GM-L-L-WL $122.50 No

Contour Mouse Optical (new version of Perfit Mouse Optical)
by Contour Design
Model # - CMO Series (5 buttons with Scroll Wheel)

This product line was previously referred to as the Perfit (the contraction of Perfect and Fit) Mouse. The Contour Mouse Optical features durable rubberized surfaces for easier gripping. This means that once you correctly position your hand on the Contour Mouse Optical, you don't have to worry about unintentional shifting of the hand during periods of inactivity (or activity). We only have small right-handed models in stock.

Click here to view Hand-size Chart.
Contour Mouse Optical

Specifications: Model: Price: In Stock?
Small right-handed CMO-BLK-S-R $100.00 Yes
Medium right-handed CMO-BLK-M-R Unavailable
Large right-handed CMO-BLK-L-R Unavailable
Extra-large right-handed CMO-BLK-XL-R Unavailable
Small left-handed CMO-BLK-S-L Unavailable
Medium left-handed CMO-BLK-M-L Unavailable
Large left-handed CMO-BLK-L-L Unavailable

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