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Contoured Mice

A contoured mouse is shaped to fit the hand much more comfortably than a standard mouse. Many are built at an "angle" so that mouse manipulation does not have to be done in full wrist pronation (wrist bent palm down), thus relieving wrist stress. Due to their shape, these mice can only be used for the hand for which they are designed. So ensure that you identify left-handed or right-handed when you purchase. Note: not all contoured mice come in a left-hand version.

There are many variations in the design of contoured mice, including overall size and angle; and size, location and number of buttons. In general, contoured mice can greatly reduce symptoms of mouse finger pain while clicking ('mouse finger').

New Model Contour Mouse Optical
by Contour Design

Click here for the Contour Design family of contoured mice.
Contour Mouse Optical Gun Metal Silver

Handshoe Mouse
by Hippus

Click here for the Hippus family of Handshoe mice.

Goldtouch Ergonomic Mouse
by KeyOvation

Click here for the Goldtouch family of ergonomic mice.
Goldtouch Ergonomic Mouse

Newtral 2 Mouse
by Microtouch

Click here for the Newtral 2 Mouse.
Newtral 2 Mouse

Sculpt Ergonomic Mouse
by Microsoft

Click here for the Microsoft family of Sculpt Ergonomic mice.
Sculpt Ergonomic Mouse

Switch Mouse
by Humanscale

Click here for the Humanscale family of Switch mice.
Switch Mouse

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