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Monitor Stands: Quad 1 Over 3 100 Series Desk Stand

The Quad "1 Over 3" 100 Desk Stand by ErgoTech Group is a free-standing mounting solution that allows positioning for four monitors: side-by-side mounting of three monitors with a single monitor at the top.

Quad 1 Over 3 100 Series Desk Stand
by Ergotech Group Inc.
Model # - 100-D28-B13

The Triple Horizontal 100 Series Desk Stand has a 25" wide crossbar with telescoping wings which provide up to 5 extra inches of extension on each side of the crossbar. The stand can accommodate up to three 24" monitors (measured diagonally bezel to bezel). This unit has 2 Height Adjustable Quick Release Pivots which can be precisely adjusted up and down using a precision knob. Both these outer pivots and the two central standard pivots are capable of tilting 20 up, 10 down and 25 left and right. All pivots are VESA 75 and 100 compatible and can easily be moved along the crossbar.

The weighted base is 18" wide x 16" deep. The stand weighs 29 lbs. The vertical pole is 28"
Quad 1 Over 3 100 Series Desk Stand

Specifications: Model: Price: In Stock?
Quad 1 over 3 100-D28-B13 $460.00 No

Quad 1 Over 3 100 Series Desk Stand Images and Videos

Quad 1 Over 3 100 Series Desk Stand

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