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RISON Leaning Stool

by ErgoVerse
Model #: RLS-11113
Model #: RLS-B-11120 (with back)

The RISON Leaning Stool from ErgoVerse enable users to sit or lean while working. This non-vertical or 'leaning' stance effectively reduces the weight load on the joints of both legs and feet. This is because the stool becomes the load bearing support rather than the lower extremities. This upright position also means a reduction in the effort required to return to a fully standing position. The fixed seat offers an adjustable height range from 26-35.5" (66-90 cm) and locking forward tilt adjustment up to 20. The formed polyurethane seat provides a firm yet cushioned seating surface with raised "texture bumps." Additional comfort is provided by the cushioning effect of the easily adjusted gas cylinder support. For users who desire a firm back support all of these features are available in the model 11120 which also features a firm polyurethane back support*.

Suitable for both office and industrial settings, the heavy-duty textured black tubular steel base provides strength and stability. Strong nylon glides engage the floor to ensure firm positioning of the seat and the incorporated rollers permit the chair to be easily moved between workstations. The unique design of the base maximizes stability while greatly reducing the risk of tripping for passerby.

* Note: Some users with broader frames may find the firmness of the concave edges on the back less than ideal for comfort. The outer dimensions of the back support are 14" wide with a 2.5" deep curvature in the middle.
RISON Leaning Stool

Specifications: Model: Price: In Stock?
Without back Formerly sold as Model: 11113 RLS-11113 $410.00 No. Can be ordered.
With back Formerly sold as Model: 11120 RLS-B-11120 $485.00 No. Can be ordered.
Height Range: 26" to 35.5"

ErgoVerse RISON Leaning Stool Images

ErgoVerse RISON Leaning  Stool

ErgoVerse RISON Leaning  Stool