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MVMNT Foldable Perching Saddle Seat

by ErgoVerse
Model #: MPSS-F-11171

The ErgoVerse MOVMT Foldable Perching Saddle Seat is a non-swiveling, foldable saddle seat designed for smaller or average sized users working at standard or elevated workstations.

With its saddle-style seat, and a base-mounted footrest that keeps the toes approximately in line with the knees (rather than extended forward of the knees as they would be on a leaning stool), the MVMNT allows users to sit as close as possible to a work surface built on top of base cabinets or shelves.

The height of the seat can be adjusted from 20.9" high, to 30.7" high. The height of the back rest can be adjusted independently to allow users to position support where it is needed. The seat and back rest are both padded in black imitation leather. The MVMNT features a foot-bar to provide a secure base of support when the chair is elevated. The height of the foot-bar can be adjusted independently of the seat height and can easily be folded out of the way when not required or for storage and transport. The MOVMT features simple folding hinges, and easy handwheel adjustment of seat, back and footrest heights. The MVMNT is built on a sturdy, rectangular tube steel base. Rated to 264 lbs, but weighing only 18.7 lbs in total, the Chair can easily be transported between venues or job sites.

MVMNT Foldable Perching Saddle Seat

Specifications: Model: Price: In Stock?
Height Range: 20.9" to 30.7". Formerly sold as Model: 11171 MPSS-F-11171 $420.00 No. Can be ordered.

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MVMNT Foldable Perching Saddle Seat