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Laptop Products: BeanBag Laptop Table

The Carliss Beanbag Laptop Table has a tapered "beanbag" pillow on the undersurface. This allows for comfortable postioning of the laptop table on your thighs. The pillow is made of heavyweight cotton canvas and has a fill of polystyrene microbeads.

BeanBag Laptop Table (standard and mini)
by Carliss Industries
Model # - BBT (Standard table model)
Model # - BBM (Mini table model)

The Standard Beanbag Laptop Table has a tapered pillow provides an excellent angle for working, and a non-removable palm rest. The rigid non-skid molded top includes pencil trays and an non-skid surface with a cut-out in the centre to allow air flow under a laptop.

The Beanbag Mini (BBM) has a smaller footprint. It does not have the handle and the wrist rest found on the standard model. Non-skid ridges around the perimeter are included to keep the laptop or keyboard in place, and flip-up risers on the platform provide increased air-flow for better laptop cooling.
BeanBag Laptop Table

Specifications: Model: Price: In Stock?
Standard table model (18.75"W x 14.5" D x 3.125" H) BBT $50.00 No
Mini table model (14.25"W x 10.25" D x 2.0" H) BBM $47.50 No

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