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Laptop Products: Ergo-Q 330 Notebook Stand

The Ergo-Q 330 is an economical version of the Ergo-Q made of ABS Plastic instead of Sandwich Aluminum (Hylite).

Ergo-Q 330 Notebook Stand
by Bakker-Elkhuizen
Model # - BNEQ-330

The Ergo-Q 330 has a built-in document holder which can be pivoted forward - providing access to the laptop keyboard. However, for prolonged typing you would use an external keyboard and mouse. The range of height adjustment is just over 3".
Ergo-Q 330 Notebook Stand

Specifications: Model: Price: In Stock?
9.0"W x 12.2"D x 0.5"H BNEQ-330 $92.50 Yes

Ergo-Q 330 Notebook Stand

Ergo-Q330: with laptop Ergo-Q330 Ergo-Q330 folded Ergo-Q330 document holder down Ergo-Q330: fits in most cases

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