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Large Keycap Keyboards: Big Keys Keyboard LX

The BigKeys LX by Greystone Digital is a product line of large-key keyboards that feature easy-to-target 0.75" x 0.75" keys.

Big Keys Keyboard LX (USB)
by Greystone Digital
Model # - (see below)
Special Order

The BigKeys Keyboard LX is hard-wired to be switchable between ABC and QWERTY layouts, and you can rearrange the keycaps to match custom layouts you may have created in your operating system or software. The Function Keys are generated by pressing and holding the 'F' key and then the number i.e. "F" (as a modifier) and "3" becomes F3. Pressing and releasing the F key generates the usual letter F. Available accessories include protective skinguards (to prevent against damage from spills, etc.) and rigid plastic keyguards for individuals needing further targeting assistance.
Big Keys Keyboard LX

Model # Description Price:
BKLXBQ Black keys with white legends, standard QWERTY layout. BKLXBQ $220.00
BKLXYQ Yellow keys with black legends, standard QWERTY layout. BKLXYQ $220.00
Model # Description Price:
KB-SKIN Protective skin for BigKeys KB-SKIN $27.50
GUARD Rigid Keyguard for BigKeys GUARD $145.00

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