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Fixed-Split/Angle Keyboards

Fixed-split keyboards have their layout fixed at the time of manufacture. No adjustment is available.

Manufacturers provide a wide range of fixed-split options. Some are flat, like a standard keyboard, but have keys that are shaped to provide a more ergonomic hand position. Others include various degrees of built-in tilting, or slanting, again providing a more ergonomic hand position. At the extreme is the vertical keyboard, where the two halves of the keyboard are set at 90°.

For those who prefer adjustable "split" keyboards check out the Adjustable Split Keyboard page.

Ergonomic Desktop Keyboard
by Solidtek
Click here for the Ergonomic Desktop Keyboard. Ergonomic Desktop Keyboard

'A' Style Slanted Keycap Keyboard
by A4Tech

Click here for the 'A' Style Slanted Keycap Keyboard.
'A' Style Slanted Keycap Keyboard

Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop
by Microsoft

Click here for the Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop.
Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop

Compact ErgoMotion Keyboard
by Smartfish Technologies

Click here for the Compact ErgoMotion Keyboard.
Compact ErgoMotion Keyboard

Advantage Contoured Keyboard
by Kinesis

Click here for the Kinesis Advantage Contoured Keyboards.
Advantage Contoured Keyboard

Microsoft Natural Elite Keyboard
by Microsoft
Model # - A11-00348
Special Order

This version of the Microsoft Natural Elite features a 'plus' layout on the arrow keys, and a 2 wide x 3 high arrangement of the Editing Keys, making the entire keyboard slightly narrower than other versions of the Natural. It has a USB connector but comes with a PS/2 adapter.
Microsoft Natural Elite Keyboard

Specifications: Model: Price: In Stock?
18.5"W x 9.0"D x 1.75"H A11-00348 $75.00 Yes

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