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Compact Keyboards: Ergonomic Desktop Keyboard

The Ergonomic Desktop keyboard from Solidtek offers an ergonomic layout in a compact narrow footprint keyboard. The keys are slightly tented, which subtly reduces forearm pronation, the inner keys having a slightly greater tenting angle that reduces to almost level for the outer rows. The key layout is also splayed outwards, encouraging users to maintain a more neutral wrist alignment by aligning the key orientation to better match the natural position of the hands.

Ergonomic Desktop Keyboard
by Solidtek
Model # - ACK-916BU (black)

The Ergonomic Desktop keyboard eliminates the numeric keypad from the layout. This addresses the issue of being forced to overreach on the right to access the mousing device, a common issue that can arise when the extra splay is added to the keyboard. This reduces the required reach to the mouse by at least 3-4".

The Ergonomic Desktop keyboard includes firm palm rests, and is equipped with front legs that can be deployed to create a slight negative inclination of the keys, completely eliminating wrist extension. The Ergonomic Desktop keyboard is has full-travel membrane keyswitches that require a firm touch for activation. The keycaps are a chiclet-style with a very slight concave surface to aid users in maintaining finger position on the keys.
Ergonomic Desktop Keyboard

Specifications Model Price
USB; 15.5"W x 9.5"D x 1.4"H ACK-916BU (black) $110.00

Ergonomic Desktop Keyboard

Ergonomic Desktop Keyboard

Ergonomic Desktop Keyboard

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