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Compact/Mini Keyboards

Standard PC keyboards are usually ~18" wide. The term compact keyboard refers to a keyboard with a width less than 18". Compact/mini keyboards come in a variety of styles, from keyboards that do not have a numeric keypad (the keys are the same size as a standard keyboard) to those with physically smaller keys. The arrangement of the keys also varies between the keyboard models.

For more information on compact keyboards, click on Compact Keyboard Information Page. This page includes information on compact keyboard layouts, situations where compact keyboards are required, and a comparison chart of some compact keyboards.

Between 11" and 12" wide. Scissor-Switch Compact Keyboard
Between 12" and 13" wide. S-Board 840 Compact Multimedia Keyboard
Between 13" and 14" wide. Evoluent Essentials Full Featured Compact Keyboard
Greater than 15" wide. Compact Financial Keyboard

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