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Compact/Mini Keyboards: 12" to 13" Wide

S-Board 840 Compact Multimedia Keyboard

by Bakker Elkhuizen Ltd.
Model # - BNES840DUS

The S-Board 840 Compact Multimedia Keyboard from Bakker Elkhuizen is a compact, comfortable keyboard that reduces the distance a user has to reach for operating the mouse and allows a more comfortable body posture. The S-board is both suitable for desktop and laptop users, while its small size and lightness make the keyboard suitable for mobile computing. It comes with 12 multimedia keys (Open, Save, Print, Cut, Copy, Paste, Play/Pause, Stop, Mute, Home, My Favorite, and Email) and 2 USB ports (USB hub), has an optimal layout (big 'enter'-key and user-friendly positioned arrow keys), and can be extended with a separately purchased numeric keypad.
S-Board 840 Compact Multimedia Keyboard

Specifications Model Price In Stock?
USB; 12.0"W x 6.5"D x 0.75"H BNES840DUS $80.00 Yes

X-Slim Compact Keyboard

by A4Tech
Model # - KL-5UP-SIL (silver)

This keyboard has an 86 keys with no embedded numeric keypad (unlike almost every other compact keyboard). It also has 12 dedicated function keys, and 6 internet hot keys. All the keys on this keyboard are full size with the exception of the top row on the keyboard.
X-Slim Compact Keyboard

Specifications Model Price In Stock?
USB; 12.6"W x 6.5"D x 0.75"H KL-5UP-SIL (silver) $40.00 No

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