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Compact/Mini Keyboards: 11" to 12" Wide

Scissor-Switch Compact Keyboard
by SK
Model # - ASK3001SH

The scissor-switch compact keyboard offers full size keys in an efficient layout. The low key travel scissors keycap architecture is an improvement over traditional membrane keyboards and ensures that typing is quiet, stable and comfortable. All the letter keys are full size with a 19.05 mm / .75" key pitch (the space between the centre of neighbouring keycaps) - only some of the bottom row, all of the top row and the right column are slightly narrower.
Scissor-Switch Compact Keyboard

Specifications Model Price In Stock?
USB; 11.81"W x 5.91"D x 0.71"H
Embedded numeric keypad
ASK3001SH $70.00 Yes

Click here for more images and sample configurations.

Full Travel Mini Keyboard

by SolidTek
Click here for the Full Travel Mini Keyboard. Full Travel Mini Keyboard

by SK
Model # - SK595U-Black
Model # - SK595U-White

The SK595 Mini Keyboard is our most inexpensive small footprint basic keyboard. It has a low key travel (3 mm instead of the standard 4 mm) membrane keyswitch.

Important Note: All the keys apart from the letters and numbers are smaller than on a 'conventional' keyboard.

Specifications Model Price In Stock?
USB; 11.30"W x 5.51"D x 1.14"H; Embedded numeric keypad SK595U-black $60.00 Yes

Click here for more images and sample configurations.

Number Slide Compact Keyboard

by Posturite
Click here for the Number Slide Compact Keyboard. Number Slide Compact Keyboard

R-Go Compact Keyboard

by R-Go Tools
Click here for the R-Go Compact Keyboard. R-Go Compact Keyboard

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