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Alternative Layout Keyboards: Advantage Contoured Keyboard

The Advantage Contoured Keyboard by Kinesis is divided into two concave keywells. These keywells greatly reduce wrist extension and virtually eliminate ulnar deviation.

Advantage Contoured Keyboard
by Kinesis
Model # - KB500USB-BLK (black)

The Advantage Contoured Keyboard is especially popular with keyboard intensive users including programmers, transcriptionists, writers and web content developers. The Advantage Contoured Keyboard is Mac/PC compatible and requires no drivers. It also features an integrated 2 port USB hub. A second model, the QD (Qwerty-Dvorak), is also available. It features dual keycap legends, displaying charters in both the Qwerty and Dvorak layouts.
Advantage Contoured Keyboard

Specifications Model Price In Stock?
Black model (QWERTY) KB500USB-BLK $400.00 Yes
QWERTY-DVORAK Dual Legended model, black KB500USB-QD_BLK $425.00 No


Contoured Keyboard Single Action Footswitch Accessory
This is a front-hinged footswitch and comes with a 10' cable and works with all models (past and present) of Kinesis Contoured keyboards. A self-adhesive, hook and loop tab is provided to anchor the pedal to the floor if desired. If you like this pedal's look and feel but want to use more than one at a time, or you want to change actions without re-programming your keyboard, you will need to purchase a special splitter.
Contoured Keyboard Single Action Footswitch

Contoured Keyboard Triple Action Foot Switch
The Kinesis Triple-Action Foot Switch is the most efficient way to take advantage of the unique foot input options provided with all Kinesis Contoured keyboards. Default actions are "Keypad Shift", "Keypad Enter", and "Shift". The "Keypad Shift" action turns on the embedded keypad layer as long as the pedal is held down. If the Keypad Toggle function key is tapped first, then the "Keypad Shift" pedal will turn OFF the embedded keypad layer while the pedal is held down. With a programmable Contoured keyboard, the foot switch may be configured to perform any user-defined keystroke or macro.
Contoured Keyboard Triple Action Footswitch

Specifications Model Price In Stock?
2.6" W x 3.5" D x 1.0" H FS007-RJ11 (single) $33.50 Yes
10.6" W x 7.0" D x 1.2" H FS007-TAF (triple) $130.00 No

Advantage Contoured Keyboard Images

Contour Keyboard top view

Contour Keyboard front view

Contour Keyboard side view

Contour Keyboard size comparison

Contour Keyboard with Smart Cat Pro Touchpad

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