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Adjustable/Separated Keyboards: Freestyle Edge Keyboard

Designed for Gamers, Graphic Designers, and Programmers, the Kinesis Freestyle2 Edge Keyboard is programmable and ergonomically adjustable.

Freestyle Edge Keyboard
by Kinesis
Model # - KB950-BLU (Cherry MX Blue Switches)
Model # - KB950-BRN (Cherry MX Brown Switches)
Model # - KB950-RED (Cherry MX Red Switches)


  • Dimensions width: 15.5
  • Dimensions depth: 7.25"; 10.25" with palm supports
  • Dimensions height: 1.25"
  • Keyswitches (3 options):
    • Cherry MX Blue Switches, 50 gram tactile activation force with high audible click
    • Cherry MX Brown Switches, 45 gram tactile activation force with audible click
    • Cherry MX Red Switches, 45 gram linear activation force
  • Keyswitch travel distance: 3.75 mm (blue) 4.00 mm (brown/red)
  • Number of keys: 95
  • Backlighting: Blue, features variable intensity (9 levels), Breathing mode, and can be turned off and on with a single keystroke. In addition there is a Pitch Black mode which also turns off all indicator lights.
  • Length of Heavy Duty Braided Linking Cable: 20" (50.8 cm) - Adjustable Length
  • USB, 6' Heavy Duty Braided Cable


  • Fully Programmable: The Freestyle Edge can be fully reprogrammed for custom applications. The on-board memory is capable of storing 9 dual-layer (95 keys per layer) fully programmed layouts (effectively 18 custom layers).
  • Programming Cluster and Indicators: The 4-key programming cluster is located at the top of the righthand keyboard module. The LAYOUT key provides quick access to the 3 primary layouts (1, 2, and 3), the MACRO key controls the on-the-fly Macro recording, and the REMAP key controls the onboard remapping. The 4th key is the SMARTSET key which controls all onboard programming shortcuts. The accompanying LEDs advise which primary layout is currently active, whether Macro programming is active (flashing), and whether Key Remapping is in progress. The SmartSet LED flashes to confirm specific programming commands.
  • On-The-Fly Remapping: Key remapping is available directly from the keyboard and requires just 3 keystrokes (Remap Key, Source Key, Destination Key). All keys are remappable, even between the dual layers.
  • Game Bank: A convenient set of 8 fully programmable keys are positioned on the left side of the lefthand module. Conveniently located for quick access these keys are perfect for transferring right-side keys to the left hand to better accommodate left-hand only play.
  • Onboard Multimedia Controls: The F1 - F6 keys provide Fn key access to full multimedia controls. All of these available functions can also be reassigned to any key using the Onboard Programming or the SmartSet App for Windows.
  • On-Board SmartSet Programming Engine: The Freestyle Edge features a 4MB on-board v-drive that retains all custom programming. The SmartSet Programming Engine is always available because it is permanently stored on the v-drive. This eliminates the need of installing programming software to the computer. Rather, the software travels wherever the keyboard goes.

Freestyle Edge Keyboard

Optional Accessory

Lift Kit Accessory: allows the user to create adjustable lateral sloping or tenting of the keyboard modules at 5, 10 or 15.

VIP3 Accessory

Specifications Model Price In Stock?
Cherry MX Brown Switches KB950-BRN $295.00 Yes
Cherry MX Blue Switches KB950-BLU $295.00 No
Cherry MX Red Switches KB950-RED $295.00 No
Lift Kit Accessory for Freestyle Edge and Freestyle Pro, One Pair, Black AC910-BLK $35.00 No

Freestyle Edge Images

Freestyle Edge Keyboard

Freestyle Edge Keyboard

Freestyle Edge Keyboard

Freestyle Edge Keyboard

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