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Keyboard Arm Trays: ABS Plastic Low Profile Tray (Extra-Deep)

Keyboard arms are usually sold without a tray, giving the purchaser the option of selecting from different styles and makes. However, it is important that the hole pattern on the tray match the hole pattern on the arm. Click here for the hole pattern for the Hole Pattern for the ABS Plastic Low Profile Tray.

ABS Plastic Low Profile Tray (Extra-Deep)
by Fox Bay Industries

The ABS Plastic Low Profile Tray extra-deep tray can accommodate combinations of devices that would otherwise slightly protrude on the standard tray, for example, when using a central pointing device such as the RollerMouse Free or Mousetrapper Advance with the Kinesis Freestyle Solo keyboard. This keyboard tray also works well with adjustable keyboards, providing more space to allow for keyboard positioning.

Available in a range of widths (30", 27", 24"), all the trays are 13.0" deep with cutouts for cables in a 1" Keyboard Guard at the back of the tray. Like the Standard ABS Plastic Low Profile Tray, the 30" tray accommodates keyboards, pointing device and a separate numeric keypad, the 24" and 27" inch tray is available when dictated by less available space in the workstation.

NOTE: This tray should be mounted on an Extended Track Ovation Low Profile Leverless Arm in order for it to completely retract under the desk when stored.

Extra-Deep ABS Plastic Low Profile Tray

Model Description Price
FB-T24x13 24" wide x 13" deep $87.50
FB-T27x13 27" wide x 13" deep $97.50
FB-T30x13 30" wide x 13" deep $110.00

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