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Ovation Sit-Stand Keyboard Arm

The Ovation Sit-Stand Keyboard Arm provides height gain of just over 8" above the mounting point (subtract the thickness of the desktop to calculate the actual height gain from your work surface).

Note: If you want to set up a sit stand workstation using the Ovation Sit-Stand Keyboard arm you should also consider the height of the monitor. Placing the monitor on an adjustable monitor arm will allow you to raise and lower the monitor as you sit/stand.

For trays for the Ovation Sit-Stand Keyboard Arm click here.

Ovation Sit-Stand Keyboard Arm
by KV Waterloo
Model # - 8674D23

  • Spring-assisted Lift N' Lock counter balancing system.
  • Soft touch dial knob from -15 to +10.
  • 360 swivel.
  • Track depth: 23"

Ovation Sit-Stand Keyboard Arm spec sheet.
Ovation Sit-Stand Keyboard Arm

Model Max height above mounting point Max height below mounting point Price In Stock
8674D23 8.25" 5.88" $230.00 Yes

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