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Sit Stand Duet Arm

The Sit Stand Duet Arm has two arms that support the keyboard tray. For trays specifically designed for the Sit Stand Duet Arm, click here.

Sit Stand Duet Arm
by KV Waterloo
Model # - 7080DT2300 (Accommodates a 23" keyboard tray)
Model # - 7080DT2700 (Accommodates a 27" keyboard tray)
Model # - 7080DT3100 (Accommodates a 31" keyboard tray)
Model # - 7080DT3900 (Accommodates a 39" keyboard tray)

This arm is the best option for providing excellent range of height adjustment, stability of worksurface and durability at an affordable price. A tilt control release allows 15 worksurface adjustment and a field adjustable coil spring adjusts for load counter balance.
Sit Stand Duet Arm
The 0.75" wide dual crossbar arm design ensures that your knees and legs have plenty of room - better than any single central support arm. To adjust the height simply use the T-Pull release to release the lock, and adjust the platform to the desired height. Make your own custom tray or purchase our special 12" deep Duet Trays (in the Trays category). The 39" tray is wide enough for a keyboard, mouse, phone and notepad - a complete desk available for use while sitting or standing.
  • Tilt adjustment: Knob from -0 to +15.
  • Height adjustment mechanism: T-Pull release
  • Depth: 24"

Sit Stand Duet Arm

Model Max height above mounting point Max height below mounting point Price In Sock?
7080DT2300 12.5" 6.5" $375.00 No
7080DT2700 12.5" 6.5" $380.00 No
7080DT3100 12.5" 6.5" $390.00 No
7080DT3900 12.5" 6.5" $410.00 No

Sit Stand Duet Arm

Technical Spec Sheet

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