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Under Desk Mouse Tray

The Under Desk Mouse Tray clamps to your desk and provides a mousing surface that can be rotated out of the way when not needed.

Under Desk Mouse Tray
by AIData
Model # - UM003B (black)
Model # - UM003W (white)

The Under Desk Mouse Tray uses sturdy metal clamps to attach to your desk and will clamp to worksurfaces up to 1.57" (4 cm). The mouse tray rotates 360 for easy storage under the worksurface, and access when rotated towards the user. A mouse cable clip protects the mouse against being accidentally knocked off the platform. The mouse pad is 7.75" wide at its widest point and 7.5" deep (i.e. front to back). The mousing surface sits 2.1875" below the top of the desk.
Under Desk Mouse Tray

Specifications Model Price
7.75"W x 7.5"D UM003B (black) $20.00
Mouse surface below desk: 2.1875" UM003W (white) $20.00
Rotation adjustability: 360
Maximum allowable desk thickness: 1.57"

Under Desk Mouse Tray

Under Desk Mouse Tray, black
Under Desk Mouse Tray, white

Under Desk Mouse Tray

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