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Measurements and considerations for attaching keyboard arms and trays to desks

If you are considering attaching a keyboard arm/tray to your desk, here are some issues to take into consideration

Desk Top thickness

How thick is the desk top? This measurement is needed in determining whether or not the desk can accept the mounting screws for the keyboard arm.

Desk top thickness

Is there an existing drawer or tray?

Does the desk have a drawer or tray immediately under the workspace? Can the drawer/tray be removed?

Desk with drawer under the work surface

Desk with retractable tray under work surface

Width under the Work Surface

What is the undersurface width (leg space between drawers or legs)? This measurement is needed to determine if the desk has enough width to accommodate the keyboard tray.

Width under the work surface

Desk Height

What is the desk height (floor to top of desk surface)? Will there be adequate space for the keyboard arm and your legs?

Desk height

Desk Depth

How deep is the desk surface (front edge to back desk wall or brace)? This measurement is needed to determine if the desk is deep enough to accommodate a keyboard arm track.

Desk depth

Undersurface of Desk

Are there any impediments on the undersurface (wooden or metal straps)? These straps would interfere with the mounting of a keyboard arm. Note: you do not have to turn your desk upside down as in this photo. The image is simply to show the surface. This image shows no cross strapping and is ideal for mounting a keyboard tray/arm.

Undersurface of desk

Desk Material

What is the material of which desktop surface is composed? Glass, though stylish, cannot have a keyboard arm attached and clamp-on monitor arms are not recommended.

Glass desk

Back of the Desk

Is there a lip on the back of the desk top? This would allow for a clamp-on monitor arm. Without a lip you would be obliged to drill a hole for a monitor arm. This will limit your monitor arm to one location, whereas a clamp-on mount allows you to move the point of attachment.

Back of desk

Other Issues

Are there any other features of the desk that you should consider? This image shows a desk with a strap that will inhibit leg movement. The glass desk image (see above) would significantly limit leg position due to the lower glass surface.

Other issues