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Freestyle2 Convertible Keyboard
by Kinesis
Model # - KB800PB-FC (9" separation)
Model # - KB800PB-FC-20 (20" separation)

The Freestyle2 is a low-profile, 94 key keyboard that is divided into two separate parts or modules connected by an 9" cable, and is thinner and more portable than the original version. This modular design allows the user to configure the keyboard in an optimal orientation, either by splaying the modules at any angle or by adjusting the distance between the modules up to 9". Different accessory kits can be purchased for additional keyboard configurations, including tenting the modules at set angles of elevation. Models available are the standard Freestyle2 with a 9 inch separation cable and also a model with a 20" separation cable.


VIP3 Accessory Kit: allows the user to create adjustable lateral sloping or tenting of the keyboard modules at 5░, 10░ or 15░. Palm supports are included with this kit and must be in place in order to use the tenting mechanism.

V3 Accessory: offers tenting of 5░, 10░ and 15░. Note: it is not possible to use palm supports with the V3.

Ascent Accessory: This accessory provides two multi-angle tenting modules which attach to the underside of the keyboard modules, plus a linking plate which may be used to connect the two keying modules if desired. Tenting angles may be independently set for each keying module in the range of 20░ to 90░, in 10░ increments. Left/right separation is limited only by the length of the keyboard's linking cable. The standard 9" separation is adequate for most users, but the 20" linking cable is recommended for greater flexibility.

Freestyle2 Convertible Keyboard
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VIP3 Accessory
V3 Accessory

Ascent Accessory

Specifications Model Price
USB KB800PB-FC $122.50
15.375"W x 7.25"D (10.0"D with palm supports) x 0.875"H; Embedded numeric keypad KB800PB-FC-20 $185.00
AC820-BLK (VIP3 Accessory) $59.00
AC730-BLK (V3 Accessory): $36.00
AC740-BLK (Ascent Accessory) $290.00
AC806-BLK (Palm Supports) $37.50

by SK
Model # - ACK-595U-CF (black)

The SK595 Mini Keyboard is our most inexpensive small footprint basic keyboard. It has a low key travel (3 mm instead of the standard 4 mm) membrane keyswitch. Note: This keyboard is unilingual legended.

Important Note: All the keys apart from the letters and numbers are smaller than on a 'conventional' keyboard.
Click for a larger image.

Specifications Model Price
USB; 11.30"W x 5.51"D x 1.14"H; Embedded numeric keypad ACK-595U-CF (black) $57.50

Goldtouch V2 Adjustable Keyboard
by Goldtouch
Model # - GTN99-FC

The Goldtouch V2 (Version 2) Adjustable Keyboard is a redesigned Goldtouch Adjustable Keyboard. The maximum amount of tenting is 21░, and maximum amount of splay is 33░

IMPORTANT TECHNICAL NOTE: Do not attempt to plug a Goldtouch V2 Adjustable keyboard into one of the USB ports located on the sides of the USB keypad, as these ports are intended only for low power devices, like mice or USB storage drives. Doing so will cause the keyboard and keypad to malfunction.
Goldtouch V2 Adjustable Keyboard

Specifications Model Price
USB; 16.25"W x 6.75"D x 1.83"H; Embedded numeric keypad GTN99-FC $130.00

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