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Footrests: Freestanding Leg Rest

The Freestanding Single Leg Rest from Score is a solution for those who may need to keep their leg elevated while sitting. This leg rest is equipped with a 5-point base which allows it to remain upright without the need to attach it to any other furniture.

Freestanding Leg Rest
by Score
Single Leg
Model # - 6112TKR11ZW12 (Black Leatherette)
Model # - 6112TKR11ZW12-TRBD09-BLK (Black TREVIRA Fabric)
Double Leg
Model # - 6114TKR11ZW12 (Black Leatherette)
Model # - 6114TKR11ZW12-TRBD09-BLK (Black TREVIRA Fabric)

The Freestanding Leg Rest from Score has a 2" thick concave pad. The base is just under 20" in diameter to minimize interference with the second leg and foot. The leg rest is equipped with resilient foam padding, comfortably keeping the foot, knee and hip properly aligned while elevating the foot and leg.

Elevation of the Freestanding Leg Rest is accomplished with a standard "chair-style" gas cylinder and lever release. The pad can be angled up to 15 from horizontal and locks in at any point within the range. The Freestanding Leg Rest can be used in most settings, however, because the base does have a diameter of 20" care does need to be taken to ensure that there will be sufficient space.

Height range: Minimum: 14" (35.6 cm); Maximum: 19.5" (49.5 cm)

Freestanding Single Leg Rest

Freestanding Double Leg Rest

Specifications Model Price
Score Freestanding Single Leg Rest, Black Leatherette 6112TKR11ZW12 $500.00
Score Freestanding Single Leg Rest, Black TREVIRA Fabric 6112TKR11ZW12-TRBD09-BLK $510.00
Score Freestanding Double Leg Rest, Black Leatherette 6114TKR11ZW12 $560.00
Score Freestanding Double Leg Rest, Black TREVIRA Fabric 6114TKR11ZW12-TRBD09-BLK $590.00

Freestanding Leg Rest Images

Freestanding Single Leg Rest

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