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Footrests: Inzone Footrest

The Inzone Footrests by Sun-Flex offers a range of features that encourage leg movement makes the Inzone Footrest an ideal solution for those users in need of a foot rest which can help reduce the potential for leg cramps and thrombosis as a result of extended periods of static sitting.

Inzone Footrest
by Sun-Flex
Model # - 455001

The Inzone Footrests has an outer frame of powder coated metal tubular design which provides a durable and stable structural frame.

Other features include:
  • Heavy duty ABS platform features a non-skid high quality latex-free Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) textured surface with raised 'bumps'.
  • A padded cylindrical foam calf roll/rest encased in leatherette surrounds the top bar of the frame at a height of 14".
  • Height-adjustable platform with three settings at 2.0", 3.25" or 4.5" above the base (when at a 'flat' horizontal inclination).
  • The platform is tilt adjustable 50, and the resistance can be adjusted to make the platform fixed or 'floating' to provide support or movement as required.
Inzone Footrest

Specifications Model Price
19" x 14" 455001 $175.00

Inzone Footrest Images

Inzone Footrest

Inzone Footrest

Inzone Footrest

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