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Footrests: Toasty Toes

The Toasty Toes Foot Rest Radiant Heater from Cozy Products is an alternative to traditional space heaters. Toasty Toes use only 90 Watts and deliver targeted soothing radiant heat directly to where it is needed - the cold feet and legs of the user, without being too hot to touch.

Toasty Toes
by Cozy Products
Model # - TT

Toasty Toes provides ergonomic benefits in addition to two radiant heat settings, as the Toasty Toes is adjustable to three different positions to adjust to the needs of the user. The unit is easy to set up, use and clean and features a black embossed design and a clearly visible red LED indicator to indicate when it is on.

The Toasty Toes can be also adjusted to the upright position and used as a heated panel nearby for standing workstations.
Toasty Toes

Specifications Model Price
width: 18.0"; Depth: 12.0"; Cable length: 64" TT $70.00
Max temperature: Approximately 60C; Footrest Position: 120F; Heat Panel: 140F

Toasty Toes

Toasty Toes

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