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Footrests: Rocking Footrest

The Rocking Footrest by AIData has a curved base that provides movement to accommodate the desired angle at the ankle, including a 'rocking' movement (Note: The platform cannot be locked in position).

Rocking Footrest
by AIData
Model # - FR007

The Rocking Footrest is made of high-impact plastic. The base has rubber padded feet to keep the footrest from moving during the rocking motion. The platform is 17.7" x 13.8" and is textured with lateral ridges to reduce the possibility of feet slipping off the platform.
Rocking Footrest

Specifications Model Price In Stock?
Width of platform: 17.7"; Depth of platform: 13.8" FR007 $30.00 No. Can be ordered.
Maximum height: 6.89"; Angle Adjustability: 30

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