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VerticalMouse 4, 3 and 2 Comparison Table

There have been 4 versions of the Evoluent VerticalMouse:

  • VerticalMouse 4 (available in right and left-hand)
  • VerticalMouse 3, revision 2 (available in right-hand only)
  • VerticalMouse 3 Wireless (available in right-hand only)
  • VerticalMouse 2 (available in left-hand only)


VerticalMouse 4

VerticalMouse 3, revision 2

VerticalMouse3, wireless

VerticalMouse 2

Product Picture

VerticalMouse VerticalMouse 3, revision 2 VerticalMouse 3, wireless VerticalMouse 2


Larger finger support, slightly larger size, deeper thumb rest, 4 level pointer speed, right and left-handed. Improved contouring, selectable resolution up to 2600 DPI, right-handed Same as VM3 revision 2 but 1200 DPI only, right-handed; Unix compatible Fixed 1200 DPI resolution, left-handed

Available Models

VM4R (right)
VM4L (left)
VM3R2-RSB (right) VM3W-R (right) VM2-LSB (left)

Discontinued Models

N/A VM3-RSB (revision 1) N/A VM2-LBB, VM2-LPB, VM2-RBB, VM2-RPB, VM2-RSC


2 for thumb, 3 buttons + scroll wheel button for fingers (2-Button combinations can be programmed through the driver for extended programmable options) 1 for thumb, 3 buttons + scroll wheel button for fingers

Optical Resolution

4 Level Pointer Speed (with indicator light and easy access button control) 800, 1300, 1800 or 2600 DPI 1200 DPI 1200 DPI


USB (not compatible with PS/2 adapters or KVM switches*) * may work with some but no guarantee USB, PS/2 with USB adapter (included)


Improved softer contouring for a more comfortable fit. Slightly greater height better accommodates larger hands while improved contours maintain comfortable grip for a wide range of hand sizes, with a deeper and slightly angled indentation for the thumb, reducing the pressure in the web of the hand Improved contouring to fit comfortably for a greater range of hand sizes, with a deeper and lower indentation for the thumb Contoured body for a comfortable fit

Scroll Wheel

Grooved soft rubber with tactile detents Tactile detents Smooth rolling

Finger Flange

Much larger finger flange prevents little finger from dragging on desk Small ledge on bottom prevents little finger from dragging on desk Not available

Speed Toggle

Move up or down through the 4 pointer speed settings with easy access side button and clearly visible indicator Cycle through as many as 3 pointer speed settings with keyboard shortcut or mouse button. Not available

Application Dependent Buttons

Create customized button programming for different applications Not available


Improved sensor coupled with the light activation force for which the Evoluent is known. Smooth button action and scrolling. Improved contour provides greater comfort and more relaxed grip. Revamped internal mechanical design resulting in improved parts fit and button feel, and new electrical design for improved reliability Reliable mechanical and electrical design


See Compatibility Table.

UNIX Compatible

Unknown No Yes Yes


4.45 L x 3.375 W x 3.25 H 4.45" L x 3.15" W x 3.03" H (113 mm L x 80 mm W x 77 mm H) 4.6" L x 3" W x 3" H (117 mm L x 76 mm W x 76 mm H)

Cable Length

80" (2 m) none 80" (2 m)

Finger Flange

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