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Working While Standing

There are a variety of reasons why someone may require a standing workstation. The most common are related to back pain caused by injury or disease whereby the computer operator is unable to sit for prolonged periods of time. In many of these cases the computer operator must shift their position from sitting to standing and then back again. This changing of position will occur many times throughout the course of a working day.

Apart from a disability, the work environment or work tasks may dictate the use of a standing workstation.

Creating a sit/stand workstation can be done in a variety of ways, including:

  • Electrically height-adjustable desks: These allow you to raise the entire work surface, along with all of your tools and documents.
  • Workstation Add-Ons: These are devices that attach to or sit on your current desk. Many incorporate height adjustment either manually or elctronically.
  • Height-adjustable keyboard arm and tray and an adjustable monitor arm: These devices attach to your desk and provide height adjustment. There are many variables so please review the product specifications to determine your best match.
  • Seating: Don't forget to consider your seating when planning a sit/stand workstation.

These products can be viewed on our Sit Stand Solutions page.