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Working While Reclined

It is recommended that, whenever possible, your work area be physically separated from your sleeping area. However, when that is simply not possible there are some alternatives.

When working from bed it is important that the legs be supported with a bolster or pillows, to avoid placing undue stress on the lower back.

Cabling can be especially frustrating when working reclined. A wireless keyboard and mouse are your best option when working reclined.

Ultra-Lite Laptop LaidbackUltra-Lite Laptop Laidback

Reading, from books or from an iPad, can be greatly assisted by a free-standing book or ebook holder.

LEVO Deluxe eBook and iPad Holder Floor StandLEVO Deluxe eBook and iPad Holder Floor Stand

LEVO Bookholder Free-Standing ModelLEVO Bookholder Free-Standing Model