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Problems Operating a Mouse

The mouse and the keyboard are the two primary computer input devices. In some applications, such as Internet surfing and gaming, the use of the mouse far outstrips the use of the keyboard.

The mouse performs three basic functions:

  • Moving the pointer or insertion point on the screen.
  • Activating a function by clicking a button.
  • Dragging or selecting by moving the mouse and holding a mouse button down at the same time.

To operate a mouse, the computer operator must be able to:

  • Hold the mouse.
  • Coordinate mouse movements to accurately position the pointer.
  • Coordinate mouse movements while simultaneously holding down a mouse button.
  • Position the mouse.

Prolonged holding of the mouse and repetitive mouse button "clicking" can contribute to pain and discomfort while using the mouse. There are many products, including a large number of alternative mice, designed to accommodate these mouse issues.