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Viewing the Monitor

Prolonged viewing of the monitor can result in headaches, neck and shoulder discomfort. Some factors that may contribute to these problems can include:

  • Holding your head at an awkward angle.
  • Squinting to read small text.
  • Squinting because the screen is too bright.
  • Glare from other light sources, such as windows.

Issues related to screen brightness need to be accommodated through the monitor controls. Glare from other light sources would be accommodated by repositioning the montor or by reducing the light from those sources, such as closing a blind on a window.

Viewing computer monitors can present problems for people with visual impairments. Some of these problems can be accommodated through text magnification, converting text to speech, and repositioning the monitor to bring it closer to the operator.

Adjustable monitor arms are very effective in combating discomfort that arises from awkward positioning of the head. Monitor arms vary according to the method of adjustment, range of motion, and the weight the arm can support. Some arms allow for the mounting of more than one monitor.

Because they are adjustable, monitor arms allow you to make frequent small adjustments throughout your day. They also can be used in sit/stand situations.

Monitor Arms

7-Flex LCD Arm7-Flex LCD Arm

Long Reach LCD ArmLong Reach LCD Arm

Deluxe LCD Monitor MountDeluxe LCD Monitor Mount

7500-Wing Dual LCD Arm7500-Wing Dual LCD Arm

Flat Panel Stand with Pivot and TiltFlat Panel Stand with Pivot and Tilt