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Viewing Source Documents

Viewing source documents can cause postural and positioning problems when a workstation does not have the documents positioned in an ergonomic manner. Frequent twisting of your neck to the side in order to read source documents can contribute to neck and back discomfort.

proper alignment

Computer monitor, document holder and keyboard are in a line, with no need to turn head to read source doucments.

improper alignment

Document holder off to the side requires the computer operator to twist neck to read and then turn head back to view screen.

Source documents come in a wide array of shapes, sizes and weights, from single pieces of paper, such as receipts, letter and legal size paper, to magazines, newspapers and books. The quality and clarity of print also varies, from clear laser printed quality to the faded hand written quality of the third copy of a multipart form. All of these factors should be taken into account when selecting a document of book holder.

Book and document stands come in a variety of shapes and sizes. In deciding on an appropriate stand plan according to the largest and heaviest document or book you may have to use.

Some stands are fixed while others have varying degrees of adjustability. Ensure the stand fits your needs.

Copy Platforms

These allow for positioning of the source document on a small table-like platform. The ideal solution is to place the platform between the keyboard and the monitor such that there is no neck twisting to read the documents. Many of these also allow for the storage of the keyboard underneath the platform, when the keyboard is not in use.

Microdesk Standard Document Holder and Writing SurfaceMicrodesk Standard Document Holder and Writing Surface

Step Microdesk Document Holder / Writing SurfaceStep Microdesk Document Holder / Writing Surface

FlexDesk 640FlexDesk 640

Copy Stands

Copy stands are free-standing document holders that come in a variety of styles and sizes. Always ensure that the copy stand is positioned close to the monitor to reduce the neck twisting required to read the documents.

Under Monitor Mount Document HolderUnder Monitor Mount Document Holder

Vision Vu Free Standing Document HolderVision Vu Free Standing Document Holder

Freestanding Document HolderFreestanding Document Holder

Q-Doc Document HolderQ-Doc Document Holder

Book Stands

Books, being heavier than documents, require sturdier stands.

Atlas Book HoldersAtlas Book Holders

LEVO Bookholder Desktop ModelLEVO Bookholder Desktop Model

LEVO Bookholder Free-Standing ModelLEVO Bookholder Free-Standing Model

LEVO Deluxe eBook and iPad Holder Floor StandLEVO Deluxe eBook and iPad Holder Floor Stand

LEVO eBook, iPad and Tablet PC Clamp on StandLEVO eBook, iPad and Tablet PC Clamp on Stand